Film, Media, and Post-Production Career Training

New career training program for young people ages 18-24, focused on preparing students for the following entry-level careers:

    • Production Assistant
    • Video/Film Editor
    • Location Scout
    • Boom Operator
    • Audio Engineer
    • Set Construction/Carpentry

Benefits of our Training Program

Benefits of Training:
1. Creativity Enhancement: Training in film, media, and post-production cultivates creativity, allowing individuals to explore their artistic abilities and develop innovative ideas.
2. Technical Skills Development: Participants acquire technical proficiency in various aspects of filmmaking, including camera operation, editing software proficiency, sound design, and visual effects, among others.
3. Career Opportunities: Training in this field opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities in the film, television, advertising, and digital media industries, including roles such as directors, editors, cinematographers, and sound designers.
4. Industry Networking: Participants have the opportunity to network with professionals in the industry through workshops, guest lectures, and industry events, which can lead to internships, job opportunities, and collaborations.
5. Personal Growth: Training in film, media, and post-production not only enhances technical and creative skills but also fosters personal growth, self-expression, and confidence as individuals learn to bring their visions to life on screen.

Training Courses

  1. Introduction to Filmmaking:** Basics of filmmaking including scriptwriting, storyboarding, camera operation, lighting, and sound recording.
  1. Editing and Post-Production:** Training on editing software such as Adobe Suite,  Davincii Resolve,  and Pro-Tools, covering techniques for video editing, color grading, sound design, and visual effects.
  1. Cinematography:** Understanding camera techniques, framing, composition, and visual storytelling to create compelling visuals.
  1. Sound Design:** Techniques for recording and editing sound, including dialogue, music, and sound effects, and integrating sound seamlessly into the final production.
  1. Media Production:** Training on producing various types of media content including short films, documentaries, music videos, and promotional videos.
  1. Project Management:** Skills in project planning, budgeting, scheduling, and managing resources for successful film and media projects.
  1. 7. Professional Development:** Training on networking, resume building, interviewing skills, and job search strategies to prepare participants for careers in the industry.

Our Team of Social Entrepreneurs & Trainers

Prince Sprauve, Project Leader and Director of Film & Media.  Prince Sprauve is a filmmaker whose narratives resonate deeply with the challenges faced by American communities. Raised amidst the struggles of Brooklyn’s Fort Green Housing Projects in the 1980s, Sprauve’s formative years were marked by poverty and violence. However, his inherent talent and natural leadership abilities began to shine through even in the face of adversity.

A pivotal moment in Sprauve’s life came with his relocation to Schenectady, NY. Supported by his grandparents and guided by mentors like Mr. Eric Connolly, Sprauve pursued education and discovered his passion for filmmaking. Under Connolly’s tutelage, Sprauve mastered the art of camera operation, editing, and digital engineering, leading to the creation of his debut film, “Fast Life,” in 2013.

“Fast Life” wasn’t just a cinematic endeavor; it was a testament to Sprauve’s resilience and determination. Collaborating with 150 students, community organizations, and volunteers, Sprauve brought to light the untold stories of his upbringing and the challenges faced by many in his community.

Since then, Sprauve has continued to make waves in the independent filmmaking scene. Through films like “Make it Home,” “Cradle,” and “The Last Shot,” he fearlessly tackles pressing social issues such as youth at risk, teen pregnancy, addiction, and gun violence, sparking crucial conversations that pave the way for healing and societal change.

Beyond his filmmaking endeavors, Sprauve actively collaborates with organizations like Proctors Theater, Warner Brothers Games, and local schools, using his platform to drive positive transformation. As a father, mentor, and role model, he inspires those around him to pursue their passions and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

In essence, Prince Sprauve’s life’s work revolves around using the power of storytelling to foster dialogue and healing. Through his films, he sheds light on the harsh realities of our world while offering hope for a brighter future. His legacy is one of resilience, empathy, and empowerment—a legacy that will undoubtedly endure for generations to come.

Josh Friedman,  Trainer.  Joshua A. Friedman is a Producer, DGA Assistant Director, Author, and Tech Entrepreneur. Mr. Friedman has worked in the film industry for over a decade. He started on the show Law & Order: Criminal Intent back in 2007 with his most recent project being the movie Tesla starring Ethan Hawke in 2019. Over the years Mr. Friedman grew from a Production Assistant (He wrote and published a book, “Getting It Done: The Ultimate Production Assistant Guide”) to a Union (Director’s Guild of America) Assistant Director on Feature Films and Television shows around the United States. He began producing low-budget features in 2014 and saw a need for connection and management throughout the entire entertainment Industry. The future is possible.

We Learn


Training Values

We believe it is part of our core mission to not only prepare young people for entry-level jobs, but to provide the academic rigor and classroom environment to create life-long learners who are better equipped for the challenges of college and advanced training.

That is why our curriculum incorporates a college preparatory environment to align with common core and college entrance requirements. The education model at SEAT Center is a unique “Learn by Doing’ model that incorporates authentic learning through project based, contextualized lessons.

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