SEAT For Hire

SEAT Center connects young people to meaningful work through our array of programs and services.

Meaningful work matters! Yet, far too many of our youth face massive obstacles that block their access to prepare for and find work. Many youth feel that they are out of hope and out of options. When you feel you have nothing to live for, you have nothing to work toward.

SEAT Specializes in residential affordable housing construction management and provides short term labor for a variety of projects.

Social Enterprise

What is a “Social enterprise?”

A Social Enterprise can be a for profit or nonprofit organization that addresses an unmet social/community need through a market-driven approach.

Why Hire SEAT?

Coming Full Circle.

We’re committed to creating opportunity where there is none. Hiring SEAT provides transitional employment for SEAT program graduates, and the opportunity to demonstrate their newly acquired skills, education, and industry recognized credentials. Hiring SEAT means bridging the gaps between people and purpose, and providing livable wage jobs and careers for our young people, who are often times left out of the conversation.

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