Social Enterprise Services

When you hire our corporation and its young members to do work for you or your company, not only are you receiving premium labor at a fraction of traditional cost, you’re also supporting your community!

The SEAT Center offers an array of social enterprise services that provide graduates with an opportunity to earn a living wage while also allowing the community and individuals the chance to obtain skilled labor.


  • Quick access to a labor pool of young adults who are ready to work!
  • Help build the workforce to sustain your company and community
  • Helps create jobs for young adults in your community.

Who Can Access Services?

  • Any homeowner or tenant who has a utility bill in their name
  • Any business, organization, or historical building that incurs high utility bill expenses

What Social Enterprise Services are available through SEAT?

  • Halfmoon Works, located in the Capital Region since 2011, specializes in fine home products that are built by SEAT students — young adults who have experienced one or more of life’s challenges.  The Halfmoon Works product line offers hand-made cutting boards, raised garden beds, and specialized products purchased by local businesses.

  • Customized Training:SEAT offers customized training to fit your hiring and employee retention needs. Not sure where to find the right employee to meet your business needs?  Looking to save time on the process of recruiting and training new employees? Do you have high turnover?  SEAT Center works with local employers to customize training to get you the right people quickly.
  • Short-Term Projects: On a case by case basis, the SEAT Center will provide employers with labor needed to complete short-term, low-skill projects.
  • Services for Hire: SEAT graduates can be hired to service homes throughout the community in a range of areas, including:  home repairs, demolition and debris removal, and painting.